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Luxury Living Tips

Luxury living means different things to different people. For some it’s an Italianate mansion and for others it’s a rustic cabin in the woods… with a million dollar view.

If you aren’t already redecorating or renovating, Spring is the perfect time to get creative and inject some luxury living vibe into your abode. Warmer weather means you’ll be able to use the garden while painting, moving furniture, and unpacking purchased items. Longer, warmer days mean you don’t have to panic about leaving a brush out overnight, while lighter, sunnier evenings give you the chance to get some redecorating done after work!

Luxury Living Means Perfect Pairings

You don’t just want to keep things simple. Sticking to strict decor trends can make your home look staid and a little cookie cutter, so mix things up a bit.

Right now, some of the hottest trends include industrial, i.e. raw metals, wire sculptures, unfinished wood, Southwestern, leather furniture, spiky cacti and faux hide rugs, and Scandinavian chic, pale blond wood, smooth, clean lines and linen drapes.

Beaumont Tiles

For instance, a soft cream sofa with a natural wood base looks chic next to a marble topped or plexiglass metal table with a fluffy sheepskin rug underneath. Cast a critical eye over your home. Can you change the position of some lamps? Could that bookcase be moved closer to the window? Would a dash of paint and some tropical plants help brighten up the home office?

There’ some interior design theory that suggests opposites attract because this creates ‘tension’ in the room. Meshing textures, patterns, and colors will lead to some interesting, and surprisingly beautiful results so don’t be afraid to make an impact.

Shaynna Blaze bathroom in conjunction with Reece and Zuster

Luxury Living Means Using Natural Materials

You mightn’t think terracotta and cork have much in common with luxury living but, over the years, these have become more popular with trendsetters. Both exude a sense of warmth, adding texture and being used as a natural finish to create understated earthy tones.

Pottery Barn

Your Interior Design Firm will look to use them in tiling, on an accent wall, within fireplace cladding and even as a lead feature. It may seem a little strange, but office cork board walls are becoming a thing. Cork is also ideal as it absorbs noise and is a unique material that goes with just about anything. It’s great for kitchen floors as it’s relatively soft underfoot and dropped items won’t break as readily as on tiles. However, cork floors MUST be sealed very effectively when used in ‘wet areas’ including kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms.

Over the next few months, you’ll start to notice rustic, pared back pieces appearing thanks to the resurgence in Island living and wanting to bring the past into the present to create a look inspired by tiki culture.

Colour combination by interior stylist, Penelope Herbert


Luxury Living Embraces ‘Small Is Beautiful’ (Yes, really)

Whether it’s because people are buying less or simply preferring to keep their houses less cluttered, there’s been a boom in minimalism. Many of us are also living in smaller spaces including loft style apartments, guest houses, and condos which require only key pieces to achieve a laid-back aesthetic.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking minimalism isn’t luxury though, expensive multi-functional storage options transform the space, beds that are lowered from the ceiling, under stair storage options and soft close kitchen cupboards that also conceal an array of plugs. This trend is known as ’24/7 architecture’,

Minimalism and smart living often go hand in hand, so you’ll see wi-fi enabled white goods, intelligent home meters and an AI speaker interface above the hob. Walls, doors, and floors are designed to move so that you can have a larger living room during the day and a bigger bedroom at night time.

Aura by Tracie Ellis

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